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Go Team Hashtag! With Dee Bowswell-Buck

Summary The Turl sisters welcome social media strategist Dee Boswell-Buck onto the pod to chat about all about hashtags. Dee has great insights and tips for entrepreneurs who want to make hashtags work for them.More

Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

Summary Entrepreneurs Trina Turl and Sarah Turl chat some more about their love of soft pants and their experiences on feeling like projects in their businesses sometimes feel like they take two steps forward and one step back. They toss out some great excuses, demand some accountability and cheer each other on. Combined with giggles,…More

The Mindset Spring Cleaning Episode

Summary Small business owners Trina and Sarah chat about spring cleaning some mindsets that are no longer serving them as they try to grow as human beings and entrepreneurs. The Just Push Go podcast is a light hearted, conversational podcast for entrepreneurs or those who want some authentic small biz chat along with some super…More

Our Hosts

Trina Turl

A talented photographer with an eye for creating stunning images that truly capture the essence of products and brands, Trina is the visionary behind https://clioandfox.com/ and https://www.trinaphoto.com/. She’s also balancing raising two incredible daughters along with her business. She is showing her girls that being successful comes in many forms, and doesn’t need to come at the expense of others. Trina’s commitment to building and supporting her small business community always shines through!

Sarah Turl

Forever following in her big sister’s footsteps, Sarah embarked on her entrepreneurship journey after deciding to switch her focus from helping a corporation make more money to helping people create positive change in their lives. An accredited mediator, Sarah runs her own conflict management consulting practice https://empoweredresults.ca/. She’s a crazy dog lady who loves connecting with others and sharing experiences. Sarah is a firm believer that a rising tide lifts all boats and she brings that energy with her to the podcast!

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